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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 NFL Schedule!!

Happy NFL Schedule day!
I typed an amazingly long blog with the ENTIRE schedule and it shit the bed when I posted it.
So, I am just giving you the link to NFL.com


Play with their kick ass interactive schedule as you see fit.
But stop back by my blog later so we can discuss the upcoming games!
I am going to try to go to a game or 3.
Happy Football Season!
We are only 144 days and 18 hours or so away from kick off between My Dallas Cowboys and The Washington Redskins!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I can not tell you how excited I am for the 2010 NFL Schedule to come out!
Im a football geek I know.
I will be sure to post the schedule here too when it is finally released.
I am really ready for baseball season to be done with.
Yes I realize it JUST started but Im over it.
I do enjoy a game live and in person every now and then but I can not stand it on tv! Sorry! I am pretty much a football only girl.
Basketball... meh Don't really care.
I did watch the final college basketball game between Butler and Duke - I was rooting for Butler. I have hated Duke since college and the Christian Laettner days. I just get so sick of everyone hopping on the Duke bandwagon - they are a basketball power house yes I get it but I just don't give a shit about them.
Anywho- we are approximately 143 Days away from the start of FOOTBALL SEASON!
So, excited.
I will start blogging more. I need to. I think I am happier when I blog.
I am currently trying to get out of a funk.
I think I just need to get laid it has been about a month.
The car accident I had on Friday didn't help my funk any.
My chest is killing me where my seat belt stopped me. But as long as me and my dog are all right then the rest is fixable.
Happy April... It is almost May.... and 36 or so days until my birthday. I LOVE birthdays I just HATE getting older!
Have a GREAT Week!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick Update !

To blog or not to blog that is the question....
My life has gotten in the way of my fun and blogging lately.
I have several blogs planned but am waiting on details to fall into place before I blog about them.
Not that I have an ass load of readers but just don't like to jinx shit!
I could bitch about the stuff in my life that isn't going the way I want it to but who wants a negative blog? seriously!
No need to put any extra negative energy out there!!
I will say the past couple of weeks have been "lost in translation" of sorts.
I have had 3 different situations where text messages are sent and mis-read. So, hurt feelings have been running rampant.
Still working on cleaning up those messes.
So, words of advice Don't pick fights on text people - no good can come from it.

Baseball season started this week.... blah! I like going to games but do we need to have 85 months of baseball?
College basketball wrapped up last night Butler vs. Duke. I was cheering for Butler so of course Duke won- Blah!
Don't pay attention to the NBA I'm sure that is still going on winding down or something. I wish Chris Webber still played.
How many of you out there remember the Michigan Fab Five? Am I showing my age yet? ekkkkk!

On to the wonderful world of FOOTBALL... we are approximately 157 days away from the start of the NFL season.
They are going to implode Texas Stadium on Sunday. This makes me very sad.
I know we have a brand spanking new shiny stadium 5 minutes from my mom's house but- Texas Stadium is where The Cowboys legend was born and raised. SO MUCH HISTORY!
Tom Landry- the history of that man alone fills me with pride and joy. (and is a blog all its own)
I could go into a whole Cowboys thing here- but will save that for a later date and again a blog all its own.
Other news around the league...
McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins. I heard they also picked up Rex Grossman.
Poor Jason Campbell- I liked him and I hate everything Redskins.
The draft is about two and half weeks away.
Someday I will go to NYC and check out draft weekend. As well as the Heisman ceremony.
OH BIG NEWS my #1 love Brett Favre became a grandpa this week. I have never had a crush on a grandpa before...
(Oh wait yes I have but it only lasted like a week. He freaked out because he was one of my step-dad's best friends)

Im thinking about attending a Spring Football game or 2. Stay tuned to see which colleges I choose.
I am planning a trip to New Orleans to hang with some fantastic friends as well as enjoy some amazing music.
It is the last weekend that my fave band The Lost Trailers are on an opening slot for the Tim McGraw tour.
It is also my first time seeing Tim McGraw- big weekend. Im excited!!

Ok my real life and job beckons me.
I must keep moving like a shark!
Will promise to blog again soon and include some PICTURES!