I love my dog, football college is better than the NFL, coffee, wine, men and lots of swear words!! Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. These are mine. If you are going to be mean keep yours to yourself.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOWZA pictures!

So, being the single man loving woman that I am.
I won't try to hide the fact that I think men are fantastic, fun, confusing as fuck, amazing, stupid and wonderful all at the same time.
They say one thing and do the complete opposite.
They smell good.
They are easily distracted. Sometimes a good thing. Sometimes a bad thing.
They look good.
They are especially sexy when they are playing guitar or football (in my eyes anyway).
They like to look at my boobs (usually).
But there are a handful of men in my life or that have come and gone in my life that have shared the most intimate of pictures with me.
No, not a pic of his smiling face because he is thinking about me but a pic of his dick.
I just went thru my phone and counted 7 pics of different men's "stuff"
Also, of these men who sent pics I have never seen 98% of them naked in real life.
98% !! We have NEVER EVER been naked with each other!!
So, why do men feel the need to be so open and free with me? (I'm seriously NOT complaining).
They always ask for pictures back. I have a stock black lace bra pic with perfect cleavage that I will send back.
I don't send out pics of my sweet stuff!
But men send them out like they are little pieces of electronic Halloween Candy!
I enjoy them don't get me wrong.
Does that make me a bad person?
I think they are fun. Sometimes they arrive at awkward moments (ANY family function or while I am on a date)
But for the most part they are an endless source of entertainment.
Also, a quick FYI for you men... if you send us a picture of your "friend" we have been known to forward those pics to our bestest girl friends or share them over a glass of wine on girls night!
So keep on sending them to me!
I LOVE THEM and You silly, crazy ass men who send them!

PS Sorry ladies I must refuse to share my oh so private collection of pictures on my blog!
It is my duty to protect all the guilty men in my life!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Inner Fuckerness

Yes I said The Inner Fuckerness.
What is Inner Fuckerness you ask?
Well, over my vast experience with men in all capacities family, friends, boyfriends, lovers and even one night stands. All men have a few things in common.
Besides the obvious penis. They also all have an Inner Fuckerness.
This is something that they don't always show to everyone and they don't show it all the time.

My friend Jeffrey would like to add that women have an inner fuckerness as well.
We have discussed this at length the past few days. I am starting to agree with him.
I am sure I have been a fucker to someone at some point in time in my life.
Most of this blog was written before Jeffrey and I finished this conversation so, if you are a man reading this pretend it is about women and their inner fuckerness.

I do not think that I am a bitter woman.
I have been hurt very badly by men.
BUT I still have a glimmer of hope that I will meet some man who loves me for every wonderful thing as well as every annoying thing about me.

Some men choose to show this fuckerness right away they will flirt with you, make you feel like a million bucks for a few hours or days then you will never hear from them again. They just POOF disappear.

Some wait years and years and years to show this fuckerness.
I have NO clue what brings this fuckerness out.
There are some people whom I thought were above and beyond showing this heinous man gene but life has a cruel sense of humor and likes to kick you in the gut the minute you think you are happy and doing things right.

So, are people born with this inner fuckerness?
Does it grow over time?
Does it grow over the length of certain relationships?
Does it dissipate over time? Does it dissipate over the length of certain relationships?
Not sure. Still working on that.
I think it is different in each person. Judging from the conversations I have had with friends we all have similar experiences but the life phases of the fuckers involved are different.

So, I guess there is nothing we can do to prevent or ward off the inner fuckerness.
There are no tell tale signs. So, I guess if you know it is a possibility it might make it hurt less when it happens to you.
That is what I keep telling myself as I navigate my way thru this mine field of a love life.
Keep me posted on your progress and or fuckerness stories of your own!
Good Luck and Happy Dating!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back when I coached football!

I may have mentioned that I used to coach football.
I coached at 2 high schools in Minnesota.
There was an article written about me and 2 other women who were coaching at the time.
I found it on line. Makes my me miss coaching more than I can explain.
But hope you enjoy the read! (I'm at the end of the article)

They Call Me Coach

The women who dare to lead

men into battle

Sarah Smith

published: April 20, 1999

"There are two kinds of men among football

coaches," says Rachael Walder, who has worked as

an assistant for a number of them. "The ones who

believe in you and nurture you, and the ones who

think you're just an attractive ornament around the

office." Walder is one of a handful of women who've taken on the unenviable

challenge of breaking down barriers in that most stubborn bastion of

machismo— men's athletics. For the last five years, Walder has been

trying to get a toehold on the bottom rung of the football-coaching

career ladder that thousands of men have climbed before her. Her

struggle, and that of those like her, shows how little progress has been

made in this arena since an unlikely pioneer called Carol White made a

name for women who coach male teams.

The day that white wandered onto the football field at Monroe High

School in Albany, Georgia, there was no such thing as Title IX. It was

1970, 16 years after Brown v. Board of Education, and Albany was just

getting around to racial integration. White had been hired as a librarian

at Monroe, the first white person on the faculty of Albany's all-black

high school. On her first morning of work, without a clue as to where to

find the library, she stopped at the football field to ask for directions.

When she showed up the next morning to watch practice, one of the coaches handed her a

clipboard and asked her to help.

It was an improbable beginning for a woman who would go on to

become the first female assistant coach in Division I-A college football, and establish herself as

one of the premier kicking coaches in the sport.

Two years after White stepped into the breach to help a desperate athletic program, Title IX went into effect. It's tempting to imagine that Title IX— the federal law guaranteeing women equal benefits and treatment in federally funded athletic programs— helped pave the trail that White had blazed for female coaches, and that women athletic administrators and coaches have made the same strides as female athletes over the last 27 years. The truth is that while women athletes have slowly reaped the benefits of Title IX— more resources, increased public attention, and the rise of women's professional athletics— female coaches at the collegiate level have seen their earning potential dwindle and their career horizons narrow.

In 1972, women coached over 90 percent of female collegiate athletic teams.

By 1998, according to an annual survey of NCAA schools, only 47.4 percent of women's teams were coached by women.

As bad as those numbers are, the quantity of women among the coaching ranks of male athletic

teams, which remain the crown jewel of college sports, is near non-existent. According to the

NCAA survey, just 2 percent of men's teams were coached by females in 1998. These facts bring into focus another disparity between men and women coaches. A 1997 study by the Women's Sports Foundation found that female head coaches of Division I-A teams earn 63 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts.

Beyond the simple question of gender equity, some women's advocates worry that both male and female athletes are being robbed of important role models when they don't get a chance to

interact with female coaches. "If you preclude women and men from interacting in a cultural

institution like sport, guys miss an opportunity to respect women," says Donna Lopiano, executive director of the Women's Sports Foundation. The NCAA, Lopiano says, "has done very little" to address the issue. "They have to affirmatively act, change their hiring practices."

White acted affirmatively on her own behalf when she took hold of that clipboard. While working full-time as a librarian, White, who had gone through college on a music scholarship and had no knowledge of football, threw herself into her coaching responsibilities. She watched hours of game film, breaking down each element of the contests in writing without anyone to tell her whether she was right or wrong. By the end of her 15-year stint at Monroe, White was head coach of the JV team.

In what turned out to be a shrewd move, White developed an expertise in kicking and punting

while at Monroe. Although she sometimes doubted her own ability, she knocked the socks off a

group of coaches from Georgia Tech's football staff when she attended a clinic at the school in

1985. Former Georgia Tech head coach Bill Curry— who eventually hired White as a graduate

assistant— recalls his staffer's description of White: "That woman knows more about kicking than anyone I've ever seen."

Curry says he didn't think much about the social implications when he asked White to take

responsibility for his team's kickers and punters soon after bringing her on staff. "I didn't think it was noble or courageous," says Curry. "She was just the best person for the job." White would hold that position through 1989. She now makes a living conducting a highly touted kicking clinic. Unfortunately for people like Rachael Walder, not everybody with power in the world of football is as open-minded as Bill Curry. Walder grew up around football. She recorded statistics at her high school games, and her boyfriend played for the University of Virginia. Before long, Walder found herself acting as an informal scout for UVA. In 1994, without any coaching experience, she landed a job as a linebacker coach and assistant defensive coordinator at Montgomery Junior College in Rockville, Maryland. Although it was an exciting step, the job only paid a $1000 stipend, so Walder had to wait tables to earn her real money.

But in 1997, she made it to the big leagues— well, the bigger leagues. Walder got a job as an

advance scout and assistant coach with the CityHawks, New York's Arena Football team, which

played in Madison Square Garden until last year when they moved Hartford. It was the first and only time that Walder earned a full salary as a football coach. But it was short lasting. Her boss was fired after the first season and Walder left with him. Last season, she landed another assistant position— this time with a semi-pro team, the Washington Chiefs. But that job didn't come with a salary.

Despite her experience— and interviews at a number of topflight NCAA schools— Walder

currently works for a sports apparel company in Maryland. She would like more than anything to be back on the gridiron, but Walder says she's learned to be flexible about her aspirations. "I'd like to be a coach and get paid for it," she says. "In reality, I will probably end up working for the NFL in a noncoaching capacity."

Kate Pearson, who has been an assistant coach in Minnesota high school football for the last four years, thinks women offer something to the sport that their male peers can't. "I'm kind of their mother on the field, I'm more gentle, approachable," she says. "It's such a testosterone fest, they need to lighten up and not take it so seriously." But Pearson's no softie. When players start slouching on her watch, they run laps.

A Texas native and lifetime football junkie, Pearson was a junior at the University of Minnesota when she decided to try her luck at coaching football. The idea didn't seem so crazy after Pearson sat through one too many writing classes taught by a graduate student who barely spoke English. "If she can teach writing, then I can coach football," Pearson said to herself. After graduating with a degree in kinesiology, she cold-called area high schools looking for a football job. Like White, Pearson got her first break from a predominantly black inner-city school in Minneapolis. She spent two years there before taking her current job at St. Louis Park High in the Minneapolis suburbs. Pearson would like to work her way into a graduate assistant job at a four-year college, but so far she hasn't had much luck in the job market. She faces tough competition from men with years of playing experience under their belts. It's the old catch-22: You can't get your foot in the door without experience. But you can't get experience without getting your foot in the door.

Pearson refuses to call herself a feminist, and she says she's not campaigning for anything. "I'd

just like to be given a chance," she says. To that end, she has become a quick study in the art of

networking. For three years, Pearson has loyally attended the annual convention of the American Football Coaches Association— something of a frat party for the profession. Except, that is, for Pearson, who diligently works the lobby introducing herself to other coaches, joining conversations, and bellying up to the bar.

And while Pearson says some of her less respectable colleagues would still rather get a date with her than talk defensive strategies, she has managed to earn some respect. A notice on her bulletin board back home reads: "I admire your perseverance," a compliment paid to her by a Division I-A coach who had seen her at the convention. Such kind words, and her abiding love of football, get her through the hard days.

-I didn't realize how long ago this came out. wow!

Rachael and I are great friends. She did end up working for the Philadelphia Eagles for several years as the assistant coaches assistant and then Coach Reid's assistant.

Carol White stopped speaking to Rachael and I after this article. I don't think she liked the fact that we were friends with the males coaches at the convention. She thought we should just be a pack of women and stick together at the convention.

I coached football for 4 more years. I ended up working in the athletic department of St.Louis Park HS. As the Athletic Coordinator. I have since left football and am now in the music business. Thats a whole other story!

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!
I wish there was more humping going on on Hump Day- but no such luck here!
Anywho- Today was a great day. I didn't go jogging I meant to but ran out of time.
Ok fine truth be told I opted for sleep over jogging. Don't judge!

My to do list was a mile long and I actually have most of it done and it is only 4:45 pm.
I work for a band here in Nashville. They have been on tour the last few weeks so I had to pack all our fun tshirts, swag and such to get ready for a small Canada run- I had to make sure that was all ready to go before I leave for a 10 day trip to help out my family in Minnesota. Life is always exciting in my world!
But in the midst of all the busy busy I had a GREAT day!
In fact I LOVE days like this!!

#1 It was sunny and warm here in Nashy!

#1.5 Got to talk to my Lou for a few minutes. Lou will probably get his own blog some day.
Just because he is a smart ass and he is head over heels in love with a friend of mine.

#2 I got to see one of my most favorite people in the world today. It was a quick HELLO. He knows he is one of my favorite people but I don't know if he knows how much he means to me.
I will have to tell you all about him some day. He is so talented. I could listen to him sing the dictionary!
I'm excited to hear more of the new music he is working on. He is one of those friends that I know will be in my life forever. His wife, daughter and dog are pretty amazing as well.
(Im a lucky girl surrounded but kick ass people)

#3 I made a new friend today. JD is his name. It was a meet and greet of sorts for a new job opportunity. He insisted I bring my dog with to meet him and he told me when I was working at his office that my dog was expected to be there. My dog liked him too!

#4 I talked to one of my former football players today. Chase.
He is doing big things out in Hollywood. I am so proud of him. You will all know his name some day soon.

#5 I found out that I get to hang with my dad for 2 whole days with NO OTHER FAMILY.
This is the first time in 22 years that he and I have had this opportunity!!
Im so excited! Maybe he and I can catch up on each others lives. Or just have dinner and some beers!

Do I need to post a blog on the main characters in my life?
So, everyone will be up to speed? I think so....Stand by... This blog is coming soon!

I must say Ta Ta For Now... I have to pack for my Minnesota trip and get my apartment cleaned up so my friends dont make fun of my mess since they are hanging at my apartment while I am gone!

Hope someone is humping out there some where!
-Kate :)

SAD NOTE: I woke up to find out that Corey Haim had passed away. So, sad. Too young.
"only the good die young" - Billy Joel

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring and Jogging... Part 2

Enjoyed the fantastic 70+ degree weather!
Wonderful. Drove around with the windows down.
Re-discovered my Eric Church cd. It made me smile, dance and cry.
It was a great day. For the most part. I have a gut feeling that there is a change coming with my life. Not going to discuss it here just yet.
So, I decided that I was going to take the day for me.
I went to Borders to buy a copy of Vanity Fair just for the John Hughes article.
It was a great article. Made me miss John Hughes even more than I did before.
I feel like I am mourning his death all over again.
Why do the good ones always die so damn young? Could go into a long John Hughes and The Greatness of him- But will save that for later...
We have a buttload of days before football season starts. I dont want to run out of stuff to talk about!

So, back to the point of my blogs today and my confession to all y'all....My main to do task for the day JOGGING ....
So, tomorrow morning before I am ALLOWED to do anything else I. WILL. JOG.
No Coffee, Twitter or Blogging until I jog!

Spring and Jogging...

It is gorgeous outside! FINALLY!
I am going to start jogging. I need to kick this "holiday weight" in its ass and get rid of it!
I LOVE working out- But unfortunately I am one of those people who needs someone barking at them to actually get it done.
So, I have been walking. My dog peters out half way thru the walk.
I am going to put on 3 jog brags and attempt jogging.
Yes, I said 3 jog bras... Have you seen my boobs? well, you probably haven't but they are big natural boobs made for fun and looking good in "boob shirts" but they are not made for jogging.
Crap do I have to wear shorts? I will blind someone with these oh too white legs! GAH!
Oh well! I better wear shorts while jogging maybe I will soak up a little sun and then they wont be SO white when I toss on a fun summer dress for the first time.
Why is it so hard to be a woman?
Guys have it so easy- but that is another blog for another time. If I keep typing I wont start jogging!
Have a GREAT Day! I know I will!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Naked Football Sundays

Naked Football Sundays will start up again when football season starts!
But I was missing them so I thought I would share them with the world.
Don't know what naked football Sundays are?
They can be done alone but are much more enjoyable with someone you enjoy being naked with.
You must get all errands out of the way before the kick off of the first game.
Once you are in the house and the games has kicked off all clothes off!
You do everything naked... Cooking, eating, watching football.
You can set your own rules that include drinking games or sex games etc.
It is fun! I highly recommend you try this fun little game next season!
It works on Saturday as well- depending on how much stamina you have since there are so many more games on!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday missing college ball...

I wake up every Saturday excited thinking woo hoo a full day of college football.
Ready for ESPN College Gameday.
Then I realize it is March and I am stuck with college basketball (which does NOTHING for me).
I am trying to learn how to watch soccer (thanks to my friend Michelle check her out on Twitter @michrod). The soccer is fun but I will admit I don't get as excited as I do watching good ole American football.
So, I will admit something right now... I don't know if I should...
I have a VCR (remember those they are video tapes before dvd's) I have video tapes of OLD FOOTBALL games. College games from the 90's. They heyday of my college football love. I had friends playing all over the place so there was always a game to watch and someone to cheer for.
I love the NFL Network when they reply games from last season.
I don't know why I am so addicted to football.
I have a couple theories on it.
Vince Lombardi passed away the month I was conceived maybe part of him reincarnated in me.
Or the being raised in Texas might be part of it.
I never played football.
I just always remember loving it.

I wonder when Vandy starts spring football maybe I can sneak into watch a practice over there.
hhhmmmm I will have to check that out.
Until then I am popping a tape in the vcr and enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

I might write more later.
I'm sure I will get some bug up my ass and feel the need to chat about it in a public forum.

Ta Ta For Now!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Football and Why!

I started this blog today and realized that I need to put more explanation into it.
So here are my teams and a little of why they are "MY" teams. Does anyone really care? Probably not but here it is anyway!

I am very passionate about football. College and Pros.

I am a Minnesota Golden Gopher and a Dallas Cowboys fan.
I cheer for any Big 10 Team if they aren't playing The Gophers.

I have become an LSU fan because some fantastic friends of mine are LSU Alums and have been gracious enough to invite me into their wonderful world of football Baton Rouge style.

I also, coached football and over the years I have becomes friends with several coaches associated with several different teams.
I support these coaches and their teams. I cheer wildly for them.
Maybe I am hoping someday they will get a head coaching job and I can be the Director of Football Operations (yes a dream job of mine) I also have a few friends who are brave enough to watch football with me so I cheer for their teams as well.

As of now here is my 2010 Roster of football teams:
Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
Florida State Seminoles
Georgia Bulldogs
Kentucky Wildcats
Miami Hurricanes
University of Oregon
West Virginia Mountaineers
Vanderbilt Commodores
The Citadel Bulldogs
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints
Pittsburgh Steelers

I thought for a quick minute I was going to have another team to cheer wildly for because I thought I had found the man I was meant to be with...But he had other plans and failed to tell me about them.
I might at some point reveal this story since it would fall under the "love" portion of this blog but I am trying to play nice and not blast him in a public forum. He is just a slap dick (his words) assistant who was probably too old for me anyway. (Was that a blast?) Sorry it is hard to play nice sometimes!

Coaches I will not cheer for EVER:
Nick Saban
Steve Spurrier
Mike Leach
These men makes my skin crawl.
I trust my gut on people and these guys give me nothing but shitty creepy vibes.
(These are my own opinions so please feel free to cheer for whomever you wish)

Why do I love football?
I grew up in Texas! (isn't that reason enough?)
I also used this same line when I decided in my junior year of college that I wanted to coach football instead of becoming a sports photographer.
I thought if I grew up in Texas where football is God's gift that there was no reason in the world that I couldn't coach it. Which I did coach high school boys varsity football for 8 years. I coached linebackers. I loved every minute of it. I still carry my whistle with me at all times.
Thanks to Jim Wacker who became the Gopher's head coach while I was at Minnesota.
And Thanks to several people on Coach Wacker's staff who were more supportive and encouraging than they will ever know Marc Dove, Joe Pannunzio, Scott Brown, Chip Garber
Buddy Wyatt and Jim Zorn.

Thanks for taking the time to read!


This is how I feel about football

I found this card the other day it summed up my feelings exactly on football....

Some people think that football is a matter of life and death.
I can assure them that it is much more important than that.
-Bill Shankly

Funny thing about that quote is the guy was talking about soccer.

But if you know me at all you know that I truly believe the above statement!

So, is it football season yet?

Hello and Welcome to my world

So, here we go... Thanks to Jonathan Darr I am blogging.
He made a comment on my Facebook page about my passion for football and asked if I blogged.
I commented back.. No I don't blog. I can't write. I write like I talk in one big ass long sentence.
So, If y'all can keep up with my ramblings I will give it a try!
A little about me....
I am Kate Pearson-Halyburton.
Also, known as Coach Kate, CoachK8 (on Twitter) or some of my friends call me KMPH or 1,000 miles per hour...
Im addicted to Starbucks my drink is so complicated it has it's own name Shark Fuel.
I love my dog Coach Landry. I love all dogs!
I live in Nashville.
I work in the music business.
I run my own business. I was born in Wisconsin. I grew up in Texas. Went to college in Minnesota. I coached high school football for 8 years. I am a member of the American Football Coaches Association. I am in LOVE with everything football.
Im pretty sure this blog will be fairly football related with a few dashes of the rest of my life sprinkled in.
So, today is the world of football there is a buttload of action going on with free agency.
All sorts of transactions.
Check out NFL.com for the latest news!!
WE have approx. 163 days until the Hall of Fame Game....and 198 until Regular season starts!
Hope my rambling doesn't scare y'all off!
Hang on and enjoy the ride!!