I love my dog, football college is better than the NFL, coffee, wine, men and lots of swear words!! Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. These are mine. If you are going to be mean keep yours to yourself.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Do what you love...

I will admit I am a woman of MANY interests!
I have worked in radio.  Back when it was still fun!
I have coached football. The best 10 years of my life. I made some life long friends. Whom I get to cheer for now as they climb the coaching ladder.
I have worked with bands one of which had a top 10 single while I was with them. It is one of the most amazing feelings in the world hearing "your" band on the radio. Or standing side stage to watch a show!
I am currently playing with old furniture.  I have always been a creative person. So, fixing and painting old furniture was just a natural fit for me.
I love not having to set an alarm.
I love working from home.
I love being able to do what I want when I want. I love that I get to do something I REALLY enjoy and get paid for it.
Life is too short to be in a job you hate.
Happiness is so much more important than money.
It took me a long time to realize that.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Holidays!

My favorite part of Christmas is my dad's tree! 
(see below)

Every year my MN family does a huge ginormous tree. I LOVE IT! This picture doe NOT do it justice! 
It is about 15 - 18 feet tall. The lights are always on. I love to sleep on the couch when I stay during Christmas vacation just so I can sleep with all the Christmas lights.
It is the perfect tree! It has all sorts of old ornaments from when I was little and when my little brothers were little. There are ornaments with old dog's names on them. Old pictures. Their tree just holds a super special spot in my heart.
Dad, Pat (mom2) and the siblings are going on a cruise this year (thanks to Pat's mom taking all her kids and grand-kids) I was invited but have opted out. 
Well, since they have to fy to Miami on Christmas day my parents are NOT doing a tree.
They are NOT doing any decorations. In fact tonight I was told there will be no presents or stockings. 
I am crushed! I don't need any presents- I don't have any issues with the gift thing.
But the fact that they aren't doing a tree I am seriously depressed.
I know it sounds stupid. :'(

Back in 2004 I had a really rough November my house was broken into and all my Christmas presents were stolen. Then December my grandpas passed away. I was not in a Christmas mood. I was sad and didn't feel like celebrating anything. I went to visit my dad like I do every year at Christmas and the tree was what put me back in the Christmas mood. I slept on the couch every night that visit so I could soak up the Christmas lights.

I know I will make it thru Christmas without the tree but I know it will feel like something is missing! 
Maybe I will pick up a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree so the house doesn't seem soo empty! 

Happy Holidays! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

My feelings on the music industry!

This is a blog/ReTweet of Courtney Allen:

RT @MissCourtneyA Such a crazy industry..two of my three mentors have been out of a job this year..I'm talking major music row people..instead we have unqualified people with the jobs that matter! It's no wonder we have horrible artists who don't have a chance at a lasting career...stop trying to calculate the industry & get passionate About the music!!! It's not about the money or the glamour..it's about making people have an emotional experience from the music. And if you're not passionate..get out of the industry and make way for people who want to share amazing music with the world!

This needs to be the what music row is working towards!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


The older I get the smaller my circle of friends gets.

I lost a friend  few weeks ago. He was 40 years old, married to wonderful woman and they had 2 precious boys ages 8 and 5.  It seems so unfair to me that someone who was so wonderful should be taken away so young.
It made me want to call all my friends and tell them I love them.

I got to see a friend this weekend that I have known for 15 years. That is a fairly long time in friend world.
People grow apart and lose touch all the time.
A true friend is one that you pick up right where you left off no matter how much time has passed.

Don't be afraid to tell your friends how you feel.
Hug them a little tighter when you say good bye.
No one is guaranteed a tomorrow.
Life is crazy busy but it should never be to busy to forget a great friend.


Sunday, October 2, 2011


This is my little brother Sam.
I call him Samdrew or Sammiedrew!
He is almost 18! Where those 18 years went I will never know.
Seems like yesterday I was at the hospital holding him and he was teeny tiny!!
Or he was 3 years old and I was teaching him how to tackle. It was hilarious watching a 3 year old tackle my other brother Matt who was 8 years old! It was a fundamentally perfect tackle.
Sam jumped up triumphantly and Matt stood up crying! Sorry Matt, it was a perfect tackle!
One of the proudest moments of my football coaching career!

Samdrew is a great kid. Smart, sweet, funny, sensitive, polite, genuine and all around fantastic!!
He is going thru some MAJOR "stuff" right now.
Can not wait to get to Minnesota to take care of him and the rest of my family.
He needs all the extra prayers he can get right now. Feel free to send them his way! :)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life is CRAZY!

Life is CRAZY right now.
So, much up in the air... So, stressful. So, exciting. So, BROKE!
I knew when I walked away from a "traditional" job the money would be an issue.
But, this week I am struggling. Hate that struggling feeling.

I have 2 people who have asked me to do 2 different jobs. BUT I seem to be in a holding pattern.
It at one point in time looked like it was all going to fall perfectly into place.
The one job would start. The furniture store would close. The second job would be done on a daily basis since it was a work from home opportunity.

I have some little side jobs lined up. Painting this here. Painting that there. BUT those are on the books but haven't come thru yet.

I know it will all work out!

Until then I wish a random $100 or $300 would show up! :)
Wishful thinking!

Im off to try to round up some extra cash!
Let me know if any of y'all need help with ANYTHING!

Have a GREAT week!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pearson's field goal gives Stillwater the win!

This is on line today in The Minneapolis Star Tribune in High School Football!
SO PROUD of my little brother!!
Thanks to my dad I watched it all via SKYPE! :)

Pearson's field goal gives Stillwater the win
09/09/2011, 10:09am (CDT)
By Justin Magill, MN Football Hub correspondent
Ponies get a big road win over White Bear Lake as time expires.

With the game knotted at 14 apiece, all Sam Pearson had to do was hit a 27-yard field goal and Stillwater would leave White Bear Lake with a victory and a 2-0 record in the Suburban East Conference (SEC).
After Ponies running back Nick Anderson squeezed out three yards on a rush up the middle and centered the ball for Pearson, the senior kicker trotted out with 3 seconds left in the fourth quarter and was about to send his teammates off with a three-point win.


Before Stillwater could get the snap off, the Bears called a timeout to try and ice Pearson.

“I actually love it,” Pearson said. “It gives me time to relax, catch my breath, lower my heart rate and get ready. As much time as I can get, I will take it.”

He did just that as Pearson was able to get the ball well over the outstretched arms of Bears defenders and sneak the ball inside the left post for a 17-14 victory as time expired.

“Amazing,” Pearson said. “This is what you prepare for. I do this for two hours a day, but I am not alone. It was a perfect snap, perfect hold and I was able to get a clean look at it.

“There isn’t words to describe the feeling of having your long time friends coming at you, screaming your name. Honestly, it's unexplainable.”

For more than a month now, Pearson has been preparing himself for a chance like he had against White Bear Lake, to win the game in the closing seconds.

“I mentally visualize and put myself in a game situation while I am at practice,” he said. “That is all it is. Trying to get used to the pressure. I put myself under my own kind of mental pressure almost kind of matchup and compensate for the game.”

However, no matter how much time he puts in or how much pressure, nothing compares to what happens in the game.

Under the lights on a warm Friday night and the stands were full on the opposition’s side.

“It’s always different, no matter how much practice,” he said. “It’s always different when it comes down to it.”

On the final drive, Stillwater started from its own 39 and was able to get down to the Bears 10 on 11 plays, all on the ground.

Getting inside the red zone was important for Ponies coach Beau LaBore making the call to send out the kicking unit.

“Anything inside 35 yards I feel comfortable with,” he said. “I didn’t want to have to use him, he has been a little shaky, but he knows that he is going to get some opportunities, make a break situations and I am proud of him because he stepped up and made it through with no problem.

“He was very confident when they froze him and he just made it through nice and easy.”
Ricci adapting quickly to leadership role
For the second straight week, quarterback Nate Ricci was a force for the Ponies offense.

On top of having the ability to tuck the ball and run, Ricci has shown that he can air it out for Stillwater as well.

After the Ponies were stuck deep in their own zone after a poor kickoff return to start the game, Ricci was able to lead Stillwater to a touchdown which was capped off by a 23-yard strike to Charlie Register.

“He is a great athlete,” LaBore said. “For the first time, he is in a leadership role and he has handled it all really well.”

In the third quarter with Stillwater down 14-7, Ricci used his legs to roll out to his right and find Joshua Weess for a 15-yard touchdown.

It ended a 70-yard scoring drive that took only four plays and more importantly, it was right after White Bear Lake took a seven point lead.

 “Those drives were critical,” LaBore said. “The defense picked up the offense several times, but the offense really picked up the defense there and it was a great balance.

“There were plenty of times that the home team had some momentum going for them, but we were able to handle it well because of our balance.”
It has been a while
 It has now been seven years since White Bear Lake beat Stillwater. 

In 2004 the Bears beat the Ponies 24-14 and will now have to wait until at least the postseason to beat them again.

This was the first time the Bears had a decent shot of beating Stillwater since 2006, when White Bear Lake came within six points.

“It was a shame someone had to lose,” Bears coach Bob Jackson said. “We lost, we will bounce back and we will find the true character of this team.

“It was just a great high school football game and it’s tough someone had to lose, more so us.”

After an impressive 28-13 road win to open the season at Roseville, White Bear Lake put together a solid offensive performance, but two costly fumbles ended possible scoring drives, the second was deep in the Ponies zone and an opportunity to go up two scores.

“Those hurt us a bit,” Jackson said. “We did that from time to time and it ended up being a difference in the game.”

White Bear Lake will have to get back up quickly after the tough loss to Stillwater.

A glance at its schedule, it misses Cretin-Derham Hall, but still on it is Mounds View, Woodbury and what many SEC coaches have said, an up and coming Forest Lake team.

“Problem is I think it’s going to be like this every week,” Jackson said. “Teams are pretty good and well balanced, so it will not get any easier.”
Game Recap
 Stillwater opened the game with an impressive nine play scoring drive that accumulated 91 yards and concluded with a Charlie Register touchdown catch from 23-yards out.

Later in the first quarter, Ridge Sackman tied the score for the Bears when he plunged in from the five.

It remained a 7-7 game at halftime, but White Bear Lake took the lead right away in the third quarter when quarterback Eric Gebeke kept the ball on an option and ran in for another five-yard score.

However, Stillwater answered right back when Nate Ricci recorded his second touchdown pass of the game, connecting with Joshua Weess from 15 yards out to tie the game.

That tying drive was highlighted by a 40-yard run by Zach Krenz, which was the previous play before Ricci hit Weess for the score.

With 4 minutes, 45 seconds left in the game, Stillwater had the ball on its own 39 yard line.
It used 11 plays and nearly the rest of the clock to set up Sam Pearson with a chance to send the Ponies home with a game-winning field goal.

From 27-yards out, Pearson nailed it as time expired and the Ponies improved to 2-0 (2-0 SEC).
It will play Cretin-Derham Hall Friday, Sept. 16 at Pony Stadium.

White Bear Lake falls to 1-1 (1-1 SEC) and will host Forest Lake on Friday, Sept. 16.
Three Stars
 1. Sam Pearson, Stillwater
With all the pressure that a high school kicker could handle, Pearson drilled home a 27-yard field goal for the win. White Bear Lake called a timeout, but Pearson used the time to collect himself and get settled for the game-winning kick.

2. Nate Ricci, Stillwater
He is only a junior, but he has shown he can use his legs and arm to lead the Ponies offense. He tossed two more touchdown passes against the Bears and was a force when he tucked and ran. He will need to do more of that next week against Cretin-Derham Hall.

3. Eric Gebeke, White Bear Lake
Gebeke did what Bears quarterbacks are supposed to do in their offensive system. He ran the ball, using his speed as a great asset. On top of scoring a touchdown from five-yards out, he picked up several first downs with his legs and was able to show confidence throwing the ball, even though he didn't connect with a lot of them. That at least took some pressure off of the running game.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Thursday September 1, 2010 I am watching the Dallas Cowboys play The Miami Dolphins in a pre-season football game. I am waiting for the Kentucky vs Western Kentucky game to start. That is being played in Nashville.  I am also flipping over to the Wisconsin vs UNLV game! PURE FOOTBALL heaven for me.
I made pizza. I am enjoying a beer! LIFE IS GREAT!
Hope all is well with all y'all!
Have a GREAT night!
Feel free to tell me what games you watched!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something fun I did.....

I  took this chair that I bought at a garage sale last fall and did this.....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it turned out.....

So, much fun taking an old piece of furniture and giving it a little love! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

FOOTBALL the basics... Just in case you need to know!

A friend of mine wants me to teach her about football. 
So, she came over last Thursday for the Eagles/Steelers game. 
I printed up a little Football 101 for her to read up the game. 
Thanks to NFL.com for having all the info I needed to get Jess started!! 
Just thought I would share on here just in case anyone is rusty and needs a quick tutorial! 
Happy Football Season y'all! 

One 11-man team has possession of the football. It is called the offense and it tries to advance the ball down the field-by running with the ball or throwing it - and score points by crossing the goal line and getting into an area called the end zone.

The other team (also with 11 players) is called the defense. It tries to stop the offensive team and make it give up possession of the ball. If the team with the ball does score or is forced to give up possession, the offensive and defensive teams switch roles (the offensive team goes on defense and the defensive team goes on offense). And so on, back and forth, until all four quarters of the game have been played.
In order to make it easier to coordinate the information in this digest, the topics discussed generally follow the order of the rule book.

The field measures 100 yards long and 53 yards wide. Little white markings on the field called yard markers help the players, officials, and the fans keep track of the ball. Probably the most important part of the field is the end zone. It's an additional 10 yards on each end of the field. This is where the points add up! When the offense - the team with possession of the ball-gets the ball into the opponent's end zone, they score points.

Games are divided into four 15-minute quarters, separated by a 12-minute break at halftime. There are also 2-minute breaks at the end of the first and third quarters as teams change ends of the field after every 15 minutes of play. At the end of the first and third quarters, the team with the ball retains possession heading into the following quarter. That is not the case before halftime. The second half starts with a kickoff in the same way as the game began in the first quarter.

Each offensive team has 40 seconds from the end of a given play until they must snap of the ball for the start of the next play, otherwise they will be penalized.

The clock stops at the end of incomplete passing plays, when a player goes out of bounds, or when a penalty is called. The clock starts again when the ball is re-spotted by an official.

If a game is tied at the end of regulation, a 15-minute overtime period will be played. In the NFL, this is sudden death and the first team to score wins. Possession is determined before the period begins by a coin toss.

Each team has 3 separate units: the offense (see section below), those players who are on the field when the team has possession of the ball; the defense (see section below), players who line up to stop the other team's offense; and special teams that only come in on kicking situations (punts, field goals, and kickoffs). Only 11 players are on the field from one team at any one time.

A game starts with the kickoff. The ball is placed on a kicking tee at the defense's 30-yard line, and a special kicker (a "placekicker") kicks the ball to the offense A kick return man from the offense will try to catch the ball and advance it by running. Where he is stopped is the point from which the offense will begin its drive, or series of offensive plays. When a kickoff is caught in the offense's own end zone, the kick returner can either run the ball out of the end zone, or kneel in the end zone to signal a touchback - a sign to stop the play. The ball is then placed on the 20-yard line, where the offense begins play.

All progress in a football game is measured in yards. The offensive team tries to get as much "yardage" as it can to try and move closer to the opponent's end zone. Each time the offense gets the ball, it has four downs, or chances, in which to gain 10 yards. If the offensive team successfully moves the ball 10 or more yards, it earns a first down, and another set of four downs. If the offense fails to gain 10 yards, it loses possession of the ball. The defense tries to prevent the offense not only from scoring, but also from gaining the 10 yards needed for a first down. If the offense reaches fourth down, it usually punts the ball (kicks it away). This forces the other team to begin its drive further down the field.

MOVING THE BALL - The Run and the Pass
A play begins with the snap. At the line of scrimmage (the position on the field where the play begins), the quarterback loudly calls out a play in code and the player in front of him, the center, passes, or snaps the ball under his legs to the quarterback. From there, the quarterback can either throw the ball, hand it off, or run with it.

There are two main ways for the offense to advance the ball. The first is called a run. This occurs when the quarterback hands the ball off to a running back, who then tries to gain as many yards as possible by eluding defensive players. The quarterback is also allowed to run with the ball.

The other alternative to running the ball is to throw it. Or as they say in football, pass it! Usually, the quarterback does the passing, though there are times when another player may pass the ball to confuse the defense. Actually, anyone on the offensive team is allowed to pass the ball as long as the pass is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. A pass is complete if the ball is caught by another offensive player, usually the "wide receiver" or "tight end." If the ball hits the ground before someone catches it, it is called an incomplete pass.

The defense prevents the offense from advancing the ball by bringing the ball carrier to the ground. A player is tackled when one or both of his knees touch the ground. The play is then over. A play also ends when a player runs out of bounds.

The object of the game is to score the most points. There are four ways to score points in football.

A touchdown is the biggest single score in a football game. It is worth six points, and it allows the scoring team an opportunity to attempt to get an extra point. To score a touchdown, the ball must be carried across the goal line into the end zone, caught in the end zone, or a fumble recovered in the end zone, or an untouched kickoff recovered in the end zone by the kicking team.

Immediately following a touchdown, the ball is placed at the opponent's two-yard line, where the offense has two options. Usually the offense will kick an extra point, also called the point after touchdown, conversion, or PAT. If the offense successfully kicks the ball through the goal posts, it earns one point. The offense can also score two points by running or throwing the ball into the end zone in the same manner as you would score a touchdown. Since going for two points is more difficult than kicking an extra point, the offense generally chooses to kick the extra point.

If the offense cannot score a touchdown, it may try to kick a field goal. Field goals are worth three points and often are the deciding plays in the last seconds of close games. They can be attempted from anywhere on the field on any down, but generally are kicked from inside the defense's 45-yard line on fourth down. For a field goal to be "good", the placekicker (or field goal kicker) must kick the ball through the goal-post uprights and over the crossbar. The defense tries to block the kick and stop the ball from reaching the goal post.

The safety is worth two points. A safety occurs when the offensive ball carrier is tackled behind his own goal line.

While trying to advance the football to the end zone, the offense may accidentally turn the ball over to the defense in one of two ways:

When the ball carrier or passer drops the ball, that's a fumble. Any player on the field can recover the ball by diving on it or he can run with it. The team that recovers a fumble either gets-or retains-possession of the ball.

An aggressive defense can regain possession of the ball by catching (intercepting) passes meant for players on the other team. Both fumble recoveries and interceptions can be run back into the end zone for touchdowns.


Whichever team has possession of the ball is the offense. While only the quarterback, the wide receivers and tight ends, and the running backs can legally handle the ball, it is the quarterback who is the leader of the team and the playmaker. In fact, he's a man of many talents - he not only throws the ball, he outlines each play to his team.

The quarterback ("QB") passes or hands off the ball.
The center snaps the ball to the QB and blocks the defense.
2 guards and 2 tackles keep the defense at bay.
2/4 wide receivers catch the ball thrown by the QB.
1 or 2 running backs take the ball and run with it.
1 or 2 tight ends block the defense and can also catches passes.

The job of the defense is to stop the offense. The 11 men on the defensive team all work together to keep the offense from advancing toward the defense's end zone.

Linebackers defend against the pass, and push forward to stop the run or tackle the QB.
The defensive line (ends and tackles) battles head-to-head against the offensive line.
Cornerbacks and safeties defend against the pass from the QB to the wide receiver and help to stop the run.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sometimes I wonder....

I wonder why:
Things happen the way they do
Why certain people come into my life only to disappear as fast as they appear
Why I can't remember the names of people I went to high school with but I can remember the most random information about people who are no longer in my life
Why do people disappear without saying good bye
Why I let people hurt my feelings
Why people don't have common sense
I wonder how they survive without common sense
Why my little brothers have no clue how awesome their life has been and how much they have at their finger tips that they are pissing away just to enjoy a beer and a smoke
Why I am so afraid of commitment
Why I suck at playing Words With Friends. (I know this one... I suck at spelling.)
Why people say they are going to do something and then never follow thru even tho they claim to care about me
Why my dog picked me
Why I dont drink more wine. It is so yummy.
Why is it sooo damn hot
Why can't we get some rain
Why is being naked so much fun
Why can't I get Heavenly Hash ice cream in TX
What I should buy a 2 year old for her birthday
Why are is reality tv so popular those people are sooo annoying and should NOT be on tv nor should they be idolized
Why people think it is ok to racially slur our president
Why do people feel the need to discuss politics with strangers
Why do people feel the need to discuss religion with strangers
If anyone loves me as much as I love them
Why do I only like grape jelly on my PB & J's
Why is Twitter so much fun
Why oh so many whys....
I could seriously go on for hours... I need football back to entertain me STAT!
Have a GREAT week!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


and my head is spinning trying to keep up with ALL of the news!
I am a happy it is back!
Not sure how my Cowboys will do but I am excited to watch!
I am ready for football season and having some people over for games!
I am DYING to make chili!!
Have a GREAT week!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Technology Is Overrated

I have a love hate relationship with the internet, smart phones and just plain old advanced technology.
I remember what life was like before everyone and their dog had a cell phone.
I remember when internet was dial up and SLOW!!
But all in all the world wasn't all that bad.
The internet is killing so many things things I love like bookstores. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE with every fiber of my being electronic books. I REFUSE to look at one or read one. I have deleted the book app off my ipad.
The internet is also killing record stores and cds. I love to go to the store and pick up the new cd as it comes out. I LOVE reading the liner notes. I love buying cds and giving them as gifts.

The internet is also messing up generations of kids. There are kids out there who feel like they should get anything and everything at the drop of a hat just because they have it at their fingertips via the internet.
There is an entire generation of kids who can not carry on a conversation because they don't know how to interact with REAL LIVE people.  They essentially have NO PERSONALITY. It has been killed by the computers and internet games they play with.
It drives me crazy when I meet a teenager or someone even in their 20's who doesn't know how to talk to other people.
They don't know how to entertain themselves without a tv, cell phone or some other electronic babysitter.

I thank God that my little brothers LOVE to read. I thank God that they can carry on a conversation.
They play their fair share of video games. But they at least have a personality to show.

When I was little I spent EVERY summer on my grandpa's farm in Wisconsin.
I had a cow I claimed as mine (only because she would let me walk up to her in the field and pet her)
Her name was Maria.
I would get up and go get the cows in the morning with my grandpa and his dog Benjo.
Benjo was my best buddy.
I would help my grandpa milk the cows.
(the fresh milk would go into this huge bulk tank that would cool it off and the milk man would come and collect it every other day)
I would drink milk directly from the bulk tank it was pure heaven. So, cold and creamy.
I would give everything I own to go back there for a summer.
My grandma taught me how to bake jelly rolls and home made bread. It was pure heaven. I am sure at the time I had no clue how wonderful it was.
I just skipped thru the summers playing with the cows, barn cats, Benjo, my swing on the big tree and the girl my age who lived across the street.
We played all summer. We had the best time. We played in the play house. We played in my grandpa's camper. We played everywhere you could think of. We never got bored. We never went inside except for lunch and dinner.

I'm not saying kids today need summers like this but they need so much more than electronic stimulation.

I will admit I am addicted to my Blackberry and it usually isn't too far away from me.
I do text. I enjoy the ease of sending a picture via text message.
I am addicted to Twitter. I love so many things about technology but I hate that its is killing so many really cool things.

The internet is a helpful tool as well. It has reconnected me with old friends via Facebook.
It helps me communicate with sometimes long lost friends via email.
It keeps me from getting lost with Google maps! I am directionally challenged.
It helps me feed my football addiction.
It helps me meet people I would normally never meet if they had not happen to follow me on Twitter.
It allows my friends to share videos and pictures instantly without having to wait to get them printed and mailed out.
It does AMAZING things.

BUT my advice and what I have been doing lately is totally unplugging.

When the weather cools off. Grab a BOOK (that thing made out of paper with lots of pages)
Go sit outside and enjoy the world. Leave your phone and computer inside.
Take at least 1 hour everyday and just unplug from the world.
I have started doing this lately and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Kate ;0)

Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Roster of Football Teams

Last year when I started this blog I did a Football and Why with a list of teams I cheer for  you can read it HERE . 
I was thinking (yearning) for football season so I thought I would post My 2011 Roster of Football Teams:
Listed in NO particular order.
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Florida State Seminoles
Furman Paladins
Kansas Jayhawks
Kentucky Wildcats
Miami Hurricanes
NC State Wolfpack
Stanford Cardinal
Vanderbilt Commodores
Wake Forest Demon Deacons
West Virginia Mountaineers
Green Bay Packers (my dad's FAVE team)
Miami Dolphins
New Orleans Saints
Pittsburgh Steelers

Wish people came with labels so I knew which one was which!

Reason, Season, or Lifetime
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you figure out which one it is,
you will know what to do for each person.
When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty;
to provide you with guidance and support;
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.
Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.
LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.
— Unknown

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cancer Sucks!

I have known way too many people who have been attacked by this disease.
It took my grandpa Joe and my grandpa Bud. It has taken a friend or 2.
I have known way too many people who have had to fight this shitty disease!
I know people who are fighting it everyday.
It never ceases to knock the wind out of me when I find out someone I know and love tells me they have it.
Sending lots of love and healing prayers to EVERYONE who is fighting/recovering from this shitty shitty disease!!
Life is crazy and short. Don't forget to take time to enjoy your family, friends and the sweet simple things in life!

Monday, July 11, 2011

53 days till college football....

July is brutal for me sports wise. I am not going to lie!!
So, YES I am counting down the days until the LSU/OREGON game at Cowboys stadium.
I am hoping my house is FULL of LSU fans. I am so excited to have my entire Baton Rouge crew in town.
No, my liver can not keep up with the amounts of alcohol these friends drink. But I like to pretend.
I have a BLAST any and every time any combo of this group comes into town.
There is something about them I just can't explain.
PURE GREATNESS are the only words that come to my mind.
Some of the most down to earth, genuine, wonderful and fantastic people you will ever meet.
They FUCKING LOVE football. Maybe that is why I love them so much!
They LOVE to drink. I seriously CAN NOT keep up. Unless I know I am not driving then I will attempt to keep up.
The last time I went drink for drink with them I had a hang over for 2 days!
But what a fucking amazing New Years Eve.
Anywho.... 53 days and 23 hours until kick off at Cowboys Stadium.
*fingers crossed* that I can round up some tickets to the game.

Hope your summer is fantastic!!
Kate :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So MUCH going on...

I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions. All good things. But overwhelming none the less.
There are so many opportunities in my life. I am attempting to tackle all of them.
One little set back I think I need and extra 3 incomes to handle EVERYTHING I want to do.
But I guess if it is meant to be it will all work out!!
I need to quit blogging and go tackle the TO DO list but my motivation is feeling overwhelmed today.

Im going to Home Depot to clear my head.

Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have I mentioned that they always call again?

So, I blogged earlier this year about men and their ability to disappear off the face of the earth only to resurface at some random point in time. Proving my point that they always call again.
Well, this asshole called again. There was never a romantic thing between us. But I thought a great friendship as well as a working relationship.
This man had written me off since September of last year.  No idea what I did but it was to the point that his wife defriended me on Facebook. Just really petty shit.
Then Monday my phone rings. I look at the caller idea and about drove off the rode.
I answer and he starts talking like we had a conversation last week.
So, fucking out of the blue and random. WHY did he call you ask... Because he needed something! SHOCKER! So, his MO.
I played nice.
But I am taking it all with a grain of salt.
I have NO expectations. He is still a user. He will always be a user.
I will never trust anything he says.
Oh well makes me laugh so that is a bonus.
my little brother is in town for about 36 hours for some private kicking lessons. He is already kicking better after only 2 hours.
YAY maybe I will get a college football player out of him yet.
Have a GREAT weekend!!
SIDE NOTE: several weeks later.... He got the info he wanted and has disappeared AGAIN just like I knew he would! :) Sometimes it sucks hoping for the best in people only to find out they are a bigger disappointment than you thought they were!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Football & Music

The thing that bothers me most about football and music is the same exact thing.
No one is allowed to "DEVELOP".
Coaches aren't allowed to develop teams or players. Record labels aren't allowed or dont take the time/money to develop artists with talent.
The coaches are expected to put a team on the field that will win immediately.
The record labels are expected to put out an act that sells a million record right off the bat.
There is absolutely NO time/room for error.
I hate it in football and I hate it in music.
The country music industry keeps pouring new acts into the mix and they all look/sound the same. It is so frustrating and annoying. Some of them can not sing they are just "pretty" .
Football coaches take a solid 5 years to just get a team that is FULL of players that he and his staff recruited/drafted and hand picked for his coaching system and philosophy.

I need the world to slow down and QUIT expecting "INSTANT" success.
I blame the internet for MUST HAVE NOW attitude for our society as well as a whole generation of youth who act like they are entitled to anything and everything.

I don't know how we fix it. We need old school AD's/team owners in place to stand behind their coaches.
I need record labels who give a shit about their artists and when they sign a deal with them they give them the label support they promise.

Once I figure out how to fix both these problems I will let the powers that be know.
Then I will dig in and help some TALENTED artists succeed instead of these pay for airplay auto tune puppets.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pet Peeves!

Things that drive me absolutely CRAZY!

Mini Vans and the idiots who drive them.
Seriously don't let your 18 thousand kids put stickers on EVERY effin window then MAYBE you could see when switching lanes.

People who can not merge on to the highway. Use the gas peddle it is the LONG ONE ON THE RIGHT it makes your car GO!

Out of state drivers.... In Texas we drive FAST! VERY VERY FAST!
The left lane we go 15-20 miles over the speed limit. The middle lane we 10-15 miles over. The right lane we go no less that 5-10 miles over the speed limit. So, if you want to survive on the highways please keep up with the flow of traffic or get the hell off the road!

People who come into the store and let their kids run around like wild banshees! They drop stuff the parents ignore them. They erase chalk boards parents ignore them. They terrorize my dog their parents ignore them. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR KIDS OR ELSE!

Fake people.
Rude people.
Stupid people.
Negative people.

I have more but talking about them is wearing me out!

Stay positive people it is a contagious vibe there needs to be more positivity in the world!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Another football coach falls

Jim Tressel resigned today from The Ohio State University.
He knew what was going on. He didn't bother to follow up on anything. AND he was stupid enough to email information.... NEVER EVER EMAIL anything you don't want to come back and bite your ass.
I know what a cut throat business college football is.
BUT you can still run a clean program and win!!
I know lots of GREAT coaches who don't cheat!
These coaches get comfortable in their jobs and start to let little things slide. Those little things turn into bigger things.
Your star athlete fucks up. DISCIPLINE him. I don't care what team you are playing next week. Stand by your rules and principles!!!
If you don't follow thru on any and all consequences your team will start to run a muck.
Life is more than wins and losses.
I realize that schools don't let your develop teams anymore. You have to win or get fired.
BUT for fucksakes stand up for yourself.
Make those kids follow your rules!! IT IS YOUR TEAM! It is a privilege for them to PLAY for YOU!
You are molding these athletes into men who feel entitled to anything and everything because they happen to know how to play a sport very well.
I know several of these athletes who have been coddled their entire life because they can play ball.
They STILL act entitled and they were cut from the league 10+ years ago.

I realize I am not a college coach. I only coached high school football.
I had athletes that had this disillusion that they were entitled. Let me tell you the ones with talent have gone no where. The ones with heart are accomplishing MORE than the talented entitled players have in the same amount of time.

"Talent will only carry you so far. It is what you do with it and how you handle it..."
Brett Favre
He has the heart and passion that ALL athletes need!
Unfortunately they don't have the heart and passion they have God given talent and entitlement issues and coaches stroke the egos instead of standing up to them and making them stand up for themselves and grow into MEN!!

Rant done!
Happy Memorial Day!
God Bless ALL the troops and their families today and everyday!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Do you ever listen to your voicemail on your cell phone?
Just sit and listen to all the old messages saved on it?
I did the other night.
WOW there were some people on there that I haven't talked to in YEARS!
It is amazing how a voice can make you feel. Take you back in time.

There was even a cool voicemail where I must have butt dialed myself and I have 2 minutes of sound check for The Lost Trailers.
That was one of my most favorite parts of working with that band was sound check.
Can't really explain why just a cool feeling.

I saved a lot of the old messages. I erased some too.
It felt good to get rid of those old voices.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The 40th Birthday! a recap....

So, if you have read earlier posts you know I was DREADING my 40th Birthday!
It actually turned out to pretty damn perfect!!

The first of several parties was Friday May 13th in Minnesota.
My little brother's prom was the next night.
(There was a HUGE city wide garage sale I wanted to hit for FUN new projects! Another blog coming soon- I found some GREAT projects!)
O'Malley's in Woodbury is my Cousin Beth & her husband Todd's bar. LOVE this bar. It has the coolest vibe to it. It is more of a pub/restaurant so it is very family friendly.
It was just the right size.
I had friends and family there it was perfect.
After the party ended my friend Natalie & I went to Park Tavern to see MY bartender Ollie.
Ollie was MY bartender at Grandma's when I lived in MN.
I should do a whole blog on him
One of the nicest men I know. and he is EASY on the eyes!
Natalie and I had a BLAST with Ollie! It was good to see him. It had been several years.
Still looked GREAT. Still mixed a STIFF drink! Still melted me with his smile!

Then NEXT celebration was Saturday May 21st at Chuy's in Dallas.
My friend Sally & her hubby John threw a little shin dig.
It turned out to be 5.5 of us.
Me, John, Sally, Cindy, Jodi & Madison Jodi's precious baby girl.
Cindy kept calling Sally Sarah. The Texas-Tini's were the drink of the night for Cindy & John!
The personalities at the table clicked like they had knowen eachother for YEARS !
It was a very cool night. It was really cool to see everyone interact. There was NOT one moment of quiet! We were all talking and having fun!
{epic fail we did NOT get a pic of the night so I think we need to plan ANOTHER night at Chuy's to recreate the pic}

May 25th the day before my birthday Lunch with Mr.Dan at Pei Wei in Arlington.
We actually got to sit and talk. It rarely happens.
It was a wonderful lunch and I am currently scoping out the Coach website trying to decide waht to buy with my birthday money! I REFUSE to spend any of it on bills!! :)
Later that night I went to dinner with Big Al and her husband Courtney.
I have been friends with Alyce since I was in 10th grade. She was a year older than me.
We don't get to spend alot of time together but we always have fun no matter what.
It was a wonderful night of food and fun. Then when Courtney left a night of good gossip!

Midnight May 25th/26th.... I put on a tiara (the one I got for my 30th birthday- the 30s were some kick ass years gonna be hard to top) poured myself a glass of my FAVORITE red wine to kick off my birthday!
I was BBMing my friend Michelle I think she did a shot of tequila to celebrate with me!

Got up a few hours later. Lunch at The Blue Fish with my precious friend Mara.
Worked at LHO for a few hours.
Then my Starbucks girls made me dinner and we watched Harry Potter! Yes we love Harry!
They even made me brownies for and gave me ALL the edges! :)

I was overwhlemed with the amount of Facebook posts I got.
The text messages were GREATNESS.
My favorite text of the day was from Grace Stevens
"I hope your 40th has been a reminder of how much you are loved & how fucking brilliant you are! Happy Birthday Lovely Kate. Here's to many more xoxo"

By the way fucking brilliant is becoming part of my regular vocabulary!

I received phone calls from the ones who matter most!
When a friend of mine went above and beyond to call and wish me happy birthday when they are in the middle of a business trip out of the country.
Then the one I thought would never call was my last call of the night.
That was the cherry on top of the perfect birthday! :)

I am truly blessed with amazing friends and family!
I am a lucky girl!

Here is to my 40's!
I dont look 40 and I DO NOT feel 40!
So, I will see where I go and what happens!